Monday, February 9, 2009

4 months?

Wow! Have 4 months really flown by since I last posted?! I guess being without a computer for at least two of those months might make it harder for me to keep up on the blog, huh?! Anyways, thanks to my sweet friend Jocelyn and her wonderful hubby, I am now back in the on-line world! They were so sweet to help me out in my time of need!

I've been keeping busy with school, cubscouts, basketball, scrapbooking (a little), party planning, housekeeping, etc! I haven't been getting many substituting jobs because I think the pool has gotten larger with all of the layoffs and jobless people. I'm still looking for a FT job. Never thought it would take me this long to find FT consistant work. UGH! I just applied and tested to become a census taker. Hoping that will pan out. Got a 93% on the test and was recommended for a supervisory position, so I guess that's something!

My brother, Matt, his wife, Elisa and I just pulled off a surprise party for my Mom's 65th birthday on Saturday! She had NO IDEA! So glad Jake didn't spoil it. It was so hard for an 8 year old to keep quiet for so long, I'm sure! Uncle Matt said he would do something special for him if he could keep the secret and he did! We had the party @ Pazo downtown. It was just fabulous! The service was impeccable and everything worked out so well! I'll share pictures later once I get them off the camera! Good friends & family, good food and good times! That's what it's all about, right!

Hopefully, I'll be able to post more often and keep up with blogging this time!



trace-e said...

so glad to see you updating. I would love to crop at Great Scraps with you and Jocelyn sometime! Let me know!

Jocelyn said...

HEY YOUR BACKKKKKKK!!! Love you and so glad to see you blogging again. Come check out my new kit from Studio Calico. I LOVE IT!!!! Your Blog looks great!!!!! Surgery tomorrow, pray for me!!!