Monday, December 3, 2007

November was a busy month!

Whew, November seemed to fly by. We were very busy this month! Here's a synopsis with a few photos!

A few days after Jake's party, he was in a play! I signed him up for a class called "Be A Star" where he learned about acting, rehearsing lines, costumes and set design! At the end of the class, all the actors and actresses put on a play titled, "King in the Kitchen". Jake was cast as the Guard. The group did an amazing job despite one of the main characters was out sick! Jake's favorite part was when, while holding his left hand out, he says, "I'm sorry, your Highness, I'm already married." Too cute! Here he is in costume...

Last month, I attended a training for substitute teaching. I am officially ready to start subbing for K-3rd grade! Just waiting for the jobs to roll in!

Thanksgiving was wonderful as usual. After Jake & I watched a bit of the Macy's Day Parade, we headed to my mom's house! Yummy food and great family & friends! We sure missed Val & Jim (with Jim's family) and Mark, Michelle and Madden (in mexico) though! Can you believe I didn't take a single person photo? I took a few of the Thanksgiving Table and Will took one of me with the pups but that's it. Oh well, there's always next year!

The last week of the month was Jake's turn to be Star of the Week @ school! He got to bring in some things that are special to him and a favorite book. He chose his Disney autograph book we made together, his new Build-a-Bear animal, Dakota, his Mickey Pirate hat, lots of photos and "Green Eggs and Ham". I got to come to his class one day and go to lunch and recess with him. Then the class got to ask Jake some questions and I read the book to the class! It was so fun to see him with all his friends! He was very proud to be Stsr of the Week and he didn't want me to leave!

I taught two classes this month @ Great Scraps. Here's a few photos of the Holiday Planner class...

I really enjoyed teaching this class because the students were so nice and really had fun creating this book! This makes me happy!

So here's hoping December won't be as busy! Yeah, right!

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Andrea Amu said...

What a cool acting class... He's very lucky, because I'd think so many kids would jump at that fun opportunity!

Congrats to you on starting to do your subbing for K-3! You'll do a terrific job no doubt!