Monday, December 10, 2007

It's that busy time of year!!!

Well, what time of the year isn't busy, right?! Lots of stuff going on...

I started substitute teaching last week. I worked 3 days, the first one pretty much kicked my toush but I think this is the perfect job for me because I can pretty much work when I want (or need) to. Like today, I needed to stay home b/c Jake is sick:( He's not thowing up anymore (she says with her fingers crossed) but he still has a fever. Poor guy.

Friday night, Jake started basketball practice! We were a little late signing up but were relieved that they could fit him in b/c he really wanted to play! It's so funny to watch a 7 year old who has no idea how to play basket ball try to play basketball. He looked so cute dribbling and blocking! He's as tall as some of the nine year olds so I think this is a good sport for him!

Saturday we had breakfast with Santa @ Jake's school. Pancakes, sausage, OJ and Santa! Fun stuff! Photos to follow! We also went to cut down our tree @ Jarrettsville Tree Farm. We've been going there for a few years. Matt & Elisa came with us and cut one down too. The weather was perfect. When we got there, snow was still on the ground. By the time we left, a significant amount had melted! Crazy. We took our family Christmas card photo and I've been too busy (lazy) to download it. I really hope it came out! need to get those cards done this week. We also don't have a single decoration up yet. Will tried to do some outside lights on Saturday and some were not working so I think he gave up on that & played basketball with Jake!

Yesterday, I went to my scrapclub holiday party! Good food, good friends good fun all surrounded by scrappy stuff! What more could I want! We sure missed some of the girls who couldn't make it!

Today, I'm making some Christmas gifts, prepping for this class that I'm teaching tonight @ Great Scraps and taking care of my poor sick baby!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I resigned from the Scrap Naked Challenge Blog Design Team. The owner of the blog went MIA and hasn't posted or been in contact with anyone for almost two weeks. Weird?! Sorry to anyone who joined in on the first challenge. I'm at a loss as to what could have happened:(

Happy Monday!


Andrea Amu said...

You've been a busy woman! But it is that time of year... glad you'r substitute teaching is going well for you.

How odd about the Scrap Naked blog! Sorry about that. That would be perplexing!

shelly b said...'re a busy chic. Glad that subbing is working out for you!! So weird about the Scrap Naked blog!

Kelly Lown said...

Love your pages!!