Saturday, September 8, 2007

Clean Bill of Health

I took my pup, Cody to the vet today for a check-up. I figured since he turns 13 tomorrow, he should probably get checked out. The vet said he is in great condition and looks wonderful for his age! No sight or hearing problems. She did recommend Glucosemine supplements (the same ones people take) to "oil" his joints as she put it. He doesn't show any sign of arthritis but she said it's a good precaution. He still runs around like a puppy and people tell me all the time he looks like a puppy. His nickname (along with yellow dog) is "the eternal puppy". The top photo is Cody & Zeke playing this summer. You can tell who has the upper hand! Zeke would be embarressed if he knew I posted this! The other photo is from last Spring! Told you he looks like a puppy! Love that guy! Jake wants to bake him a cake and celebrate tomorrow. I figured "Why not?", so we're making a peanut butter carrot cake! Pictures to follow!

Have a good one!

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