Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 things that made me happy...( a little late)

Yeah, so life has gotten the better of me lately and I didn't post my 10 happy things for last week. At least I have a clean house and empty laundry baskets. That's good, right?!

Here's what made me happy last week...

1. Makeup shopping @ Ulta with Tracy. New makeup is fun!

2. An early birthday card (handmade) from Jake!

3. Watching Jake climb a tree in the front yard. Love his imagination!

4. New library books! Can't wait to dig in!

5. Zeke, my so very bad but so very sweet bed warming, snuggling dog!

6. Double-feature movie day with Tracy! He's Just Not That Into You and Slumdog Millionaire---loved them both!

7. Caramel Apple Cidar with double whipped cream from Starbucks...mmmmm!

8. A finished layout...

9. My new hairdryer with the retractible cord...oh, and it's PINK!

10. This clock I made...

I need to seal it and add a hanger so, it's propped against the wall for now!

A close up. The numbers are woodburned into the face.

I saw a similar one on Design Sponge and knew I wanted one! It was fairly easy, fun & inexpensive to make! Can't wait to hang it up! Maybe it will help me be on time more often. Nahhhh, probably NOT!

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with 10 things from this week! Now, Go BE HAPPY!


Jocelyn said...

Jenn, I love the clock and it is AWESOME!!! After we talked, I tried what you told me to do and IT WORKS!!!! Thanks sweet friend and we just talked about the make up store!!! Did you find a typewriter? Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!! Someone has a Birthday coming soon, a little birdie told me!!!! Love your 10 things, they made me happy!! We could use some Happy right now!!!

Linda said...

Cool projects girl!